Posted on by Elyse Aufmann

How To Choose Vinyl Wall Decals

Looking for a simple, inexpensive way to decorate your home? If so, decals are a fantastic choice. They peel and stick, making them easy to apply and damage-free.

Struggling to pick the perfect decal? These tips on how to choose vinyl wall decals can help.

Figure Out Where To Put It

You'll need to pick the perfect location for your brand-new decal.

You've probably got a pretty good idea about the room. Will it go in your bathroom, kitchen, or living room?

Once you have the room picked out, you'll need to decide on the exact placement. Is it going above the couch? In the middle of the hallway?

Remember—vinyl adheres to most materials, but not all of them. For the best stick, you'll want to put your decals on a smooth, dry, and non-porous surface.

Get Precise Measurements

It'd be bad if you bought a huge, oversized decal for a compact space, or vice versa.

To avoid any mishaps, you should take precise measurements beforehand.

Grab your nearest ruler and measure the surface you're planning on using. Don't forget to check the size of the actual decal, too. You can usually check this on the site you're buying from—look for measurements in the product description.

Once you have both measurements, it’s time to compare. Your wall might be taller than your decal, but is it wider? It's best to have a surface that's slightly larger—in length and height—than your decal.

Pick a Theme

When choosing the perfect decal, you should have a theme in mind.

Do you want a calming, biophilic design? You can get the silhouette of a tree, butterflies, or a decal of a bird's nest.

Want something inspirational? Pick a quote from one of your favorite authors.

Looking for something a little silly? Get a one of your favorite characters bursting through the wall, a massive dinosaur head, or even some emojis.

With a vague idea of what you're looking for in mind, it's easier to narrow down your options.

Choose the Right Color

Another tip on how to choose vinyl wall decals is to pick out the right color.

There's the traditional black-and-white, but there's also decals in every color of the rainbow.

If you're getting a tiny image, silhouette, or letter-based decal, a monochromatic palette is the obvious choice.

For a bigger, bolder statement, you might want something that's colorful. If you're adding decals to a child's bedroom, bright, flashy colors are a must.

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