Posted on by Elyse Aufmann

Easy Ways To Decorate a Kids’ Room

Kids’ rooms should be a unique, fun place—but for the sake of you, the parent, it should be practical, too. Creating a functional, kid-friendly space can be difficult, but these easy ways to decorate a kid’s room are as simple as can be.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is a virtue. It might be tempting to fill your child’s room with an array of fun, exciting things, but try to refrain from excess clutter. It’ll make things easier to mess up, and harder to clean. Furthermore, for certain children, having too many things to play with or look at can be overwhelming.

Neutral décor allows for a bit of creativity. Children can spruce it up as they wish, rather than be forced to follow the set mold that’s given to them. They can brighten walls with their own artwork or create elaborate Lego masterpieces on the floor.

Open shelving isn’t only practical—it's a simple way to spark your child’s creativity. They can decorate the top with their favorite toys and pick storage bins that match their tastes.

Be Playful

Don’t be too simplistic in your design. Above all else, children love to play! Provide enough toys to sate the curiosity of their growing minds.

Cork and tack boards are great for hanging up art. Chalkboard walls—or, if you’d prefer something smaller, and less permanent, a board—are the perfect way to encourage creativity.

Playmats, activity tables, and even indoor playground equipment, such as a small slide, swing, or ball pit, are some fun objects you can add as well.

If your child is old enough, cater to their personal tastes. Don’t give a room full of dinosaurs to someone who adores zoo animals, or a room full of art supplies to a self-proclaimed scientist. Try and give them things that they're interested in.

Don’t Forget the Art

Another easy way to decorate a kid’s room is to add plenty of art. Don’t leave the bedroom’s walls barren—add some pictures, tapestries, shelves, and more.

A gallery wall of family photos is a cute, simple way to decorate your child’s walls.

Shelving provides extra storage and can be great for displaying toys or arts and crafts projects.

Tapestries, along with woven hangings, will add some texture to the room.

Wall decals are another fantastic choice. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles, and best of all, are relatively inexpensive. They’re easy to apply and remove, which means you can swap them out as your child’s interests change.

Add Plenty of Storage

Storage is an essential part of any bedroom, but especially a child’s. You’ll need space for their ever-growing collection of clothes and shoes, somewhere to put their books, and another place for their toys.

Cubby-style furniture is the perfect addition to a child’s bedroom. They provide optimal storage without taking up a lot of space.

Shelving on the walls is another great addition. If there are things you want to display but keep out of your child’s reach—like glass trinkets or photo frames—you can situate them up high. Store other items, such as books and toys, closer to the ground.

Additionally, adding pegs beneath a shelf makes for the perfect place to hang jackets, hats, and winter coats.

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