Posted on by Elyse Aufmann

Tips for Removing and Reusing Wall Decals

Filling your walls with charming, easy-to-apply wall decals is a fantastic way to add life to otherwise drab walls. But what happens when you feel like rearranging a room, or you're preparing to move to a new home? Can you take your decals with you? If you remove them from the wall, will they still be sticky? The good news? You sure can, and yes, they will! These tips for removing and reusing wall decals can help you effectively remove, reuse, and store your decals.

Are Wall Decals Reusable?

Most decals are reusable, at least to a certain extent. Their adhesive will wear out over time, but depending on the materials used, they can be incredibly long-lasting. There are certain static decals that don't use adhesive at all, making them easy-to-remove and perfectly reusable. The type of decal you have, the kind of wall it's adhered to, and how carefully you remove it can have a huge impact on its reusability. An adhesive decal that's carelessly removed might bring up a lot of debris, such as latex paint. This can stick to the adhesive, compromising its effectiveness.

How Do I Remove Them?

An important tip for removing and reusing wall decals is to be careful when removing them. With enough patience, most decals should be easily removable by hand. If you're having trouble, there are a few different methods for removing stubborn decals. You can use a heated towel, an iron, or even mayonnaise, but the simplest, safest, and most effective way to deal with stubborn decals is to use a hairdryer. To remove decals using a hairdryer, turn it on, and blow over the area on low heat for approximately 10 to 15 seconds. This should loosen the vinyl, making it easy to remove.

How To Store Wall Decals

Once you've removed your decal, you'll need a safe place to store it. This is easier if you've held onto the original backing paper, but if you haven’t, you can use wax or parchment paper as an alternative. Place the decal on a flat, even surface, with the front side down. Then, attach the backing or wax paper to the back. Avoid touching the adhesive when you're doing this. Fingerprints, dust, and moisture can affect your decal's long-term stickiness. Once you’ve attached your decal's to the backing, you can roll it up and secure it with a rubber band or slide it into a cardboard tube.

Reapplying your decal is simple. Follow the original installation process, and you're done! As long as you remove and store your decals properly, you should be able to reuse them two or three more times before the adhesive wears out.

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