Posted on by Elyse Aufmann

Tips for Giving Your Mailbox a Makeover

When upgrading a home's curb appeal, there's one key player that's frequently overlooked—the mailbox. It sits right against the edge of your property and, without proper care, maintenance, and a bit of love, it can make the exterior look drab.

Feel like giving your mailbox a much-needed upgrade? These tips for giving your mailbox a makeover can help.

Custom Decals

Aiming to spruce up your mailbox? A simple, custom-made decal can help. They're inexpensive and simple to apply. Add your name, address, and a beautiful, personalized design to them.

Decals are easy to apply and easy to remove. Press them on and peel them off gently. If you get bored of one design, swapping them is quick and easy! Cleaning is a breeze, and they're durable, to boot.

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A Fresh Coat of Paint

A quick, inexpensive coat of paint can make a massive difference. Pick a color that's modern, vibrant, and stands out. If the exterior of your home is a dark, monochromatic color, go with an eye-catching red. For a sleek, modern appearance, go with a shiny gray, black, or white.

Matching your mailbox with the color of your front door or some other important focal point, such as your patio furniture, a doormat, or even your car, is a good way to make your color choice appear cohesive.

Grow a Mailbox Garden

If you're a fan of beautiful, overgrown gardens, plant one by your mailbox's post. These fun, easy-to-maintain gardens are growing in popularity and are a great way to spruce up an old, dilapidated mailbox.

Hardy, perennial plants, such as black-eyed Susans, yarrow, and Russian sage, aren't just stunning—they're low-maintenance and durable as well. Feel like attracting helpful insects, such as honeybees and butterflies? Plant coreopsis, aster, lavender, and marigolds. If you want a garden that's not just pretty but practical as well, consider growing herbs, vegetables, and other edible plants.

If you can't plant straight into the dirt, buy cheap, multi-purpose growing pots instead.

Switch To Wood, Brick, or Plastic

Another tip for giving your mailbox a makeover is to switch up its material.

Metal is a classic, well-known material for mailboxes, but it's not the most popular. For a new, attractive look, consider switching to either wood or brick.

Wooden mailboxes give off a natural, rustic feel, while brick is modern and sophisticated.

If you're handy, you can upgrade your mailbox with the right materials, a box of tools, and some careful handiwork. If not, you can hire a professional or order a nice, brand-new mailbox online.

For the extra-quirky individual, consider getting plastic mailboxes in fun, unique shapes, such as a fish, insect, or flamingo.

If you're looking for custom mailbox decals, VWAQ can help. Contact us to order the perfect custom-made piece!