Posted on by Amanda Jenkins

If you live in a rural area and people have a hard time finding your property, mailbox decals may be a fast and affordable way to solve that problem.

Mailbox decals can not only add instant class and style to your property’s curb appeal, they can also serve as a great way for others to locate your home. 

When selecting decals for your mailbox, it helps to know what types of decals might be most suitable for you. 

Standard mailbox decals, like the ones at are made for long term, outdoor use.  These types of decals can be applied to just about any hard, smooth surface, which makes them great to apply on most mailboxes.

These decals work exceptionally well on metal mailboxes and most types of plastic surfaces.

Some higher end mailboxes are finished with a Powder Coat surface, like the ones shown below.  These types of mailboxes have a very attractive appearance, which makes them highly desirable, however, this can pose an issue when trying to apply a standard mailbox decal to them.

 Powder Coat Mailbox             Powder Coat Mailbox Sample

We’ve heard some of our customers have had success applying decals to a powder coat surface by applying a clear coat over the desired area.  This process can help prep the surface where the decal is desired to be placed.  Once the decal has been placed, they recommend applying another layer of clear coat over the decal itself. 

Others have recommended using a wax & grease remover over the surface area prior to decal application if applying to a powder coated surface.

Next, you’ll want to determine if you’re looking for decals that are reflective or non-reflective.  Decals that are truly reflective are generally higher in price than non-reflective ones. 

Aside from these factors, there are a variety of styles and colors to choose from at 

Some mailbox decals are die-cut, which means that each letter or number are cut out from a roll of one solid color vinyl. 

Other decals can have a printed image or pattern on them like this one:

Patriotic Mailbox Decals

 You’ll also want to determine if you’d prefer something with just your street number in a standard text style font like this:

Mailbox Address Decals

Or something with the street number as well as the street name.

Fancy Mailbox Decals

Some others may prefer a single letter, family monogram / street name combination.

Monogram Mailbox Decal

Whatever style you end up deciding on, choosing the right decals for your mailbox can be fun and makes a great way to enhance your property’s curb appeal at an affordable price.