Give Your Home a Quick Makeover With Vinyl Wall Art Wall Decals in Just a Few Simple Steps

Posted by J. Jones on 2/8/2016
Give Your Home a Quick Makeover With Vinyl Wall Art Wall Decals in Just a Few Simple Steps

What is vinyl wall art? Essentially, it can be anything to enhance the look of your walls such as; Decals, Quotes or Canvas Art Prints.  More and more people lately have been catching on to this neat little idea and formerly kept secret.

These wall enhancements can come in all different sorts of shapes, sizes and colors and styles. Some may come in the shape of your child's favorite animal or character, others may come as a quote in the form of your favorite poem, quote or Bible scripture. They are a great way to express what's important in your life and they can also be tailored to a variety of desires. Because of their affordability and mass appeal, they also make a great fundraising idea too. As more and more people this time of year start to look for ways and ideas to improve the look of their homes, vinyl wall art makes a great, affordable choice. Although they tend to work best on a flat, firm surface, with a little effort they can also be applied to lightly or moderately textured walls too. They also work wonderfully on mirrors, cabinets, doors and typically any other hard smooth surface you can think of. The kids love putting them on their school binders too.

Can these decals be applied to vehicles too? Yes they can, however, wall decals are typically created with a material that is better suited for "indoor" wall use and they typically come in a matte finish which has a dull or flat reflection to it. Decals that you would see on someone's car window for example, tend to be made with a more durable reflective material that is better suited for "outdoor" use. 

How are they applied? It's always advisable to make sure you apply the decal to a clean surface, especially if applying a decal to a window or mirror. They typically come with step by step easy to follow application instructions and are usually installed in just a few minutes.

Are they easily removable? There are a lot of questions about this and the answer is "yes".  Although removable, they are typically intended for a single application, which means they are not intended to be "re-applied" after initial installation. They can be easily removed by going over them for about 30 seconds on the low heat setting with your hair dryer. The low heat from the hair dryer will soften up any remaining adhesive on the back of the decals(s) and make them very pliable and easier to remove. The ease of application along with their easy removal also make Wall Quotes ideal for apartment living without damaging the walls.

When you really start to think of it, the possibilities are endless, from sports to motivational or inspirational words to kids room projects.  As a last resort, if you can't find what you're looking for, you can always have one custom designed for you too. There's no limit to what you can create with vinyl wall art.



Rich Koway
Date: 11/10/2018
The instructions are very vague. The decal will not transfer to transfer paper. I had to peal it off the base to the transfer paper. Who's going to pay me the labor to install the decal. The directions suck.

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